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Shoutbox is a fully customizable real-time chat that enables you to communicate with your website guests

Some features of our shoutboxes:

  • absolutely free!
  • customizable colors and size
  • images as backgrounds and transparency
  • optional private mode
  • auto refresh
  • history available
  • work with all browsers
  • special admin rights
  • edit shouts
  • delete multiple posts
  • ban IP and users
  • special styles for shouts
  • premium version available
  • no ads on your site
  • online users counter
  • more frequent refresh time
  • priceless joy of helping us :-)
  • only $3/month or $12/6 months

Latest news from

4th April 2014
Although there are many different chats and shoutboxes available, free shoutbox is still in leadership position. Do you know why? Its simplicity matters! It does not require JavaScript, Flash or any other "heavy" technology. It's lightweight and compatible both with the oldest and newest browsers versions. Our shoutbox has been tested for years and it's still being developed. See how great it can work for you!

10th March 2014
'Back to simplicity' is the current trend that can be observed everywhere, even on our shoutboxes! Our users often choose one-color template or design simple shoutbox that matches their website major color tone. The good thing is that you can always change your free shoutbox appearance, even when it's already on your website.

4th February 2014
Hi Everyone! Last weekend me made some minor changes in the shoutbox engine. That should make it faster and more reliable. We hope you'll experience those good changes ;)

1st January 2014
Happy New Year everyone! We wish you a wonderful and successful year.

24th December 2013
It's the magic Christmas time! team wishes you all the best in this most special season of the year.

5th December 2013 is changing for you. We've recently refreshed our main page – hope you find it more clear now and will enjoy visiting us even more! :) Soon we'll add some more things – be patient.

17th November 2013
A quick summary of changes that happened in last 5 years:

  • Shoutbox is much faster! You probably noticed that while using it ;) It refreshes itself more frequently.
  • We also added online color editor – now you can use any color you dream of ;) Additionally there is an option to have image as the background – that is super cool! :)
  • The main site has been refreshed to be more clear and user friendly.

All these major and smaller changes made very competitive among its rivals. We have grown a lot during this time. Thanks for appreciating our work! :)

31st October 2013
Happy Halloween everyone! Get ready for the most crazy party of the year! Be creative in choosing your scary costume and let your friends know about that on your shoutbox ;)

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